2018 Spring Campout

May 17-20th, 2018

Spring Campout was a success. Consider joining us for the Fall Campout in September.

2018 Fall Campout

September 13-16th, 2018

2018 Fall Campout Registration Form - please fill out and mail to address on form.

2015 Fall campout was a big success. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and to all those who camped out.
Check out the great pictures taken by Tony Schwartz (pics 1-22) and Judy Johnson (pics 23-72)
NOTE: Once the new tab or window is opened, to start the slide show, click the small arrow in the middle under the picture.

Check out the new picket poles in the camping area.

Check out this video on tieing your horse to a highline without any gadgets.

Another video on setting up a highline.

Check out the pictures from the 2012 Fall Campout