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Trees are being cut down Monday to Friday (3/19 - 3/23) close to the Historic Trail. Noise from this may be loud.
April 6 - 8, 2018 the M.U.S.H. (dog sledders) group will be having a dryland race at Ft Custer. They will be using the Equestrian Staging Area for those three days. Equestrians should use the Whitford Lake Special Event Area (where we have our campouts) on those days. AVOID riding the Historical Trail!!
The gate to the loop at R3 to R4 (Parker's Path) has been closed for the winter. It will be opened again in the Spring.

Fort Custer Recreation Area is located in Southwest Michigan near the small town of Augusta between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. While there are many opportunities for outdoor activities (Ft Custer Rec Area website), our group's focus is the equestrian trail system.

There are over 15 miles of wooded, marked trails for equestrian use within the park, some with water crossings. Check out the maps section for more info. A new equestrian trailhead allows easy parking, even for big rigs.

Check out the great pictures taken by Judy Johnson, one of our Board members, that show the trails, the wild flowers, and the fun that we have at the potluck rides!

Check out our "About Us" page to see some of the things our dedicated volunteers do to keep these trails some of the best in Michigan!

Here's the December 2017 Newsletter!

You need not be member of our group to ride at the park. But we would sure love to have you join! Hope to see you on the trails!!!


Feb 7, Wed. - 4:3-6:30 pm - FCHFA Board Meeting - Galesburg Library

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Work Days

Mar. 28, Wed. 10 am - FCHFA Workday - Meet at Equestrian Trail Head


Check out the work done by our dedicated volunteers...

Camp Outs

Spring Camp Out will be May 17-20, 2018 and the Fall Camp Out will be Sept 13-16, 2018. More information will be posted soon.